Chris Wolbers
By taking on new tasks and GROWTH-roles I have been able to learn a lot and give my knowledge a boost.

Chris Wolbers , Brand Ambassador

One of the best parts of Xtrasource is the fact that there are so many different languages that are spoken on the work floor. When I explain this to people they are always surprised.

I started as a Brand Ambassador, taking phone calls of customers. After two months I was asked to take on some new tasks for the Back Office of the project. The project kept expanding and I was able to take on new tasks every time. I learned on a lot at the different departments and my knowledge really got a boost. After a while the internal GROWTH-role of Team Coach became available, this was the next challenge on my list. Together with some colleagues I have taken on these role for two years with immense pleasure. I learned how to help people to be better at their work. This year the GROWTH-role of Co-Trainer crossed my path and I now fulfil this role with great pleasure!

To be able to do your job at Xtrasource well you need a level of servitude. Next to that you need to have the desire to learn something now, but also to unlearn some things. With this your knowledge will increase and subconsciously also that of the people in your environment. It is a great company to work for, due to the people and the atmosphere that is there due to all diverse cultures, opinions and beliefs.